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Need a recap? Letts has the answer! This KS3 English Revision Guide covers everything you need to recap Key Stage 3 English, making it really simple to start your GCSE 9-1 years. There are concise explanations for every topic and tons of practice questions included in this English study book. Plus, you can have a go at hands-on activities and listen to audio walk-throughs for each topic – simply download them at lettsrevision.co.uk/ks3. Part of the Letts KS3 Revision Success range, this English revision guide is also expertly designed to help you get ready for your forthcoming GCSE! Looking for more ways to practice KS3 English? Try our KS3 English Workbook (9780008299156), Complete Coursebook (9780008317744) and Practice Test Papers (9780008299163).

  • Publisher LETTS
  • Publication Date Dec 01, 2018
  • ISBN 9780008299149
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